The Best High Schools in Johannesburg (2020)

A good education is very paramount in a child’s life; but, if the education is not adding positive things to the child’s life, it is almost useless.

Therefore, it is essential that the school should be an agent of change, motivation, encouragement, and hope to a child. In selecting a school, you must look for that school that will add positively to your child.

This list of the best high schools in Johannesburg would help you in deciding on the school to choose for your child.


Crawford High School Johannesburg

Crawford Schools

Crawford high school Johannesburg is situated at Wierda Valley, Johannesburg 2196.

They see each child as a symbol of perfection, so they prepare the child towards perfection and to be able to face the world that lies ahead of them in a perfect state – mentally, emotionally, and intellectually.


Mondeor High School

Mondeor High School

Mondeor High School is known as “The School that cares”. They are concerned about the general wellbeing of a child; because the wellbeing and proper state of mind of the child determine how far he/she will go and be able to tackle life challenges.

The school has its location at 214 Beauval Avenue, Mondeor, Johannesburg 2091.


Parktown High School for Girls

Parktown High School for Girls

Parktown high school is a public, all-girls, day school founded in the year 1923 and has its location at no. 55 Tyrone Avenue Parkview Johannesburg 2193.

It has stayed on the ideals that there are no limits or boundaries to what one can achieve and the peak to which one can reach, just as the school’s catch-phrase states “Reach for the Stars”.


Abbott’s College

Abbott’s college is a private school that is focused on the individual growth of a student. They are keen on the change and edification of the child.

Their coaching and teaching are tilted towards responsibility and building good work ethics.

If you are located around 27 Ferdinand street Suideroord Johannesburg 2091, Abbott’s college is the school for your child.


Star College Johannesburg (Horizon High School)

Star College Johannesburg (Horizon High School)

The school is a mixed school of students aged 13 to 18; located Eastwood St and Peter Wessels St, Turffontein, Johannesburg 2135.

It provides education in the most comfortable environment. It is aimed at enhancing discipline, excellence, morals, and academic soundness in a child.


Reddford House Northcliff

Reddford House Northcliff

This school has the aim of building a Family-based environment with respect, joy, kindness, and oneness.

Their system of teaching is based on a creative and innovative approach to enable children to understand and assimilate easily and speedily.

14th Avenue Garlands, Randbury Johannesburg is their location.


Jeppe High School for Girls

Jeppe High School for Girls


Jeppe High School is an all-girls public school situated at 176 Roberts Avenue Kensington, Johannesburg.

It is all about elevation, enhancement, and climbing up the ladder of success.

The school is aimed at seeing the students ace their subjects and be the top anywhere.


American International School of Johannesburg

American International School of Johannesburg

The high school section of this group of schools has intakes from ages 12-18 years. They are situated at Private Bag X4 Bryanston, Johannesburg 2021.

American International School of Johannesburg

The school is aimed at producing in students excellence,  professionalism, service, integrity, honesty, accountability, mutual respect not minding the diversities in culture, and even upbringing.

They are all about bringing sanity and positivity to the community and world at large.


St John’s College

St John's College, Johannesburg

St John’s College is an all-boys school that is based on the Anglican church doctrines.  Its intakes are from the ages of 13-18 years.

The school holds service, humanity, discipline, responsibility, and integrity as its major binding principles and guidelines.

You can locate the school at St David Road Houghton. Johannesburg 2198.


St Peter’s College

St Peter’s College

This is a day school with Anglican doctrines. They are situated at college lane off Maxwell Drive, Sunninghill Johannesburg.

St Peter’s College

They are aimed at edifying a child in faith, Christian believes, and principles of Christian living while learning the conventional school curriculum.


St Enda’s Secondary School

St Enda’s Secondary School

St Enda is a no-cost, mixed school owned by the state. It is situated no. 1218 Pieterson Avenue, Joubert Park, Hillbrow Johannesburg.

It is affixed on the ideals of personal growth and self-development as stated in their motto “Freedom through self-development”.


St Barnabas College

This school was founded since 1963; it marked the very first educational system welcoming and opened to everyone and anyone, all races — blacks, whites, Indians, etc.

They see everyone as one and as a unified group can bring about change. They are located at 34 Langeberg Avenue, Bosmont, Johannesburg.


Beth Jacobs Girls’ High School

This is a private school located at no. 2 Raleigh Street Yeoville Johannesburg 2198. Their ideals are set on creating the right image or picture in the minds of the students — a picture of hope, a picture of big achievements, and a picture of a renowned life.


Roedean School

Roedan School
BPDJ4T Roedean Independent Private Girls School Brighton East Sussex England

This is a high school for girls situated Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown, Johannesburg 2193. Every child is full of potentials, is valuable, significant, and has a purpose; so the school is aimed at inspiring girls to be self-confident and know they have significant roles to play in society.

They help the students realize these potentials and significance and live in that realization of who they are and what they have inherent of them.


Maryvale High School Johannesburg

Maryvale College

This is a Catholic doctrinal school established in 1939. They are settled on the ideals that education and learning is a means of reference and worship to God; “Through learning, we honor God” as their motto states.

Their location is at no. 10 St Mary’s Road Maryvale Johannesburg.


HeronBridge College

HeronBridge College

The school has its location at no. 36 on the R114, Nietgedacht 535 Jq Johannesburg. It is a Christian school that is all about “educating young South Africans with heart”.

With compassion, kindness, and a heart for people in seeing them progress and advance, that’s what HeronBridge College is all about.



Wave your uncertainties of a good school goodbye, as these lists of the best high schools in Johannesburg, is your surety and assurance of getting value and positivity in the child. Enroll your child today and you would be glad you did.

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