The Best Affordable Schools in South Africa (2020)

We all know that a child is influenced by the environment – physically, socially, mentally, emotionally and even religiously; as a result the school environment helps n influencing the child for good or bad.

It is, therefore, necessary that the school a child is enrolled in is an affordable one, had ethical and moral values

To help you in the journey of searching for the right school,  this article comprises a list of the best Affordable Schools in South Africa.


Bedfordview Primary School

Bedfordview Primary School

This co-educational school uses the “British System” of learning and pride itself on a tradition of the high standard of education, sound discipline, and continued to strive for excellence.

With a current learner base of more than 900, they also offer a well-rounded program of education, cultural, and sports activities.


SPARKS Schools


This school which aims at giving children prime education that’ll prepare them for entry into very good high schools Offer affordable fees of around  R23100 per year or R2310 per month over 10 months.

The beauty of enrolling your child in this institution is their dynamic approach to the school curriculum. They currently admit pupils into Grade level RR to 7

It is one of the best affordable primaryy schools in South Africa.


King Edward VII School South Africa

King Edward VII School South Africa

This school which is located on 44 St Patrick Road Johannesburg is a boys-only college with sections for Juniors (Grades R to 7)  and seniors ( Grades 8 – 12).

Established in 1902, its an affordable mixed structure school with a section for day students, public students and boarding students.

Their fees range from R56000 to R70000 per annum for a termly boarding fee. They currently have over 1000 students.


Inkamana High School

This coeducational private secondary school was established in 1923 to provide sound education to residents of Vryheid KwaZulu, Natal where the school is situated.

Admitting students in Grade level 8 – 12 and currently has 200 students which comprise 100 boys and an equal number of girls. Their Admission fee is R17500 which is quite affordable compared to the started of education they provide.


Cordwalles Preparatory School

Cordwalles Preparatory School

This boys-only preparatory was established in 1912 by Right Reverend Samuel Baines who was Bishop of Natal as a Prep School for Michaelhouse.

Currently having up to 315 pupils in attendance, enrollment fees are  betweenR39900  and R59800 per annum


Somerset College SA

Somerset College SA

This co-educational school which is located in the Western Cape Wineland pride itself on instilling sound education and Christian values to their over 600 students.

They admit students in the Grade level 8 – 12, preparatory school, and primary school. They accept students of diverse background


Saheti School South Africa

Saheti School South Africa

Established in 1974 by a group of individuals under the leadership of Advocate George Bizos with the sole aim of opening its door to students of diverse backgrounds to experience their values-driven education.

As a vibrant co-educational school with 1300 pupils enrolled in various levels like their Playschool, pre-primary, primary and high school; they also engage their students to extra mural activities


Reddam House

Reddam House South Africa

They’re a non-denominational and co-educational group of schools of which there’re about 9 in South Africa and the UK with three learning schools in Australia.

They aim to inspire students to achieve their maximum potential in a progressive and nurturing environment.


Merrifield College South Africa

Merrifield College South Africa

This is one college you should enroll your kids in because of their ability to create students who are resilient and forward thinkers.

They achieve this through programs like through various Outreach programs and Eco Clubs. Aside from these mediums they challenge their students to exercise their imagination and intellect.


King David High School Victory Park

King David High School Victory Park

This relatively small school focuses primarily on equipping its students with the necessary skill set to master and effect changes in a dynamic world.

To achieve this, they help the students rediscover their talents, by offering the choice of a wide range of subjects and by participating in extracurricular activities in the school like sports.

As a Jewish background school, Hebrew and Judaic studies.


Helpmekkar College

This school prides itself on its Afrikaans heritage. They are located on the corner of Empire Road in Park town Johannesburg.

Established in 1921 by a group of native Afrikaners who wanted to give their children an alternative education to that provided by English Schools.

They admit students into Grade level 8 to 12 and they have 1050 pupils currently in attendance


Durban Girls College

Durban Girls College

They encourage their girls to actualize their purpose in the big picture of their life.

To achieve this, they imbibe in their student’s healthy confidence and curiosity that’ll make them independent and courageous women in their society.

Admission is into the Junior Primary, Senior Primary and High school levels


Yeshiva College South Africa

Affordable Schools in South Africa

Established in 1958 under its former name Yeshivat Bnei Akiva, this school is the largest religious Jewish School in South Africa.

They currently have an attendance of 900 pupils in Different Grade levels of a nursery school, primary school, and high school.

Students are taught on a double curriculum which includes Torah study and other subjects.

The school is located in Glenhazel, Johannesburg.


St Mary ‘s College Wayverly

St Mary’s Diocesan School for Girls Pretoria

This all-girls school with Anglican roots was established in 1888 making it the oldest school in Johannesburg.

Admitting students from Grade level 0 to matric level, they encourage their girls to embrace their individuality despite their diverse backgrounds.

They enroll their students into the little saints (nursery), Junior and Senior levels


Diocesan School for Girls (DSG)

Diocesan School for Girls (DSG)

Established in 1874 this is one of the oldest girls-only schools in South Africa. They based their education on the five pillars which are: community, academic, spiritual, sports, and cultural.

A true DSG student is trained to be an independent forward-thinking woman. Their fees are affordable too.


In Conclusion

South Africa does have affordable schools that offer the best teaching staff, ideal environments, and facilities; for this reason, it is crucial to register your children in one of these affordable schools if you’re trying to save up for other important expenses in there lives.

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