Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most effect forms of marketing. It's cheap. It's accurate. It's automated.

Keep It Friendly And Authentic

I think the biggest mistake a business owner can do when engaging their prospects or customers through email is being too generic.  It’s true that most email campaigns will be automated, but that doesn’t mean you should sound like a robot.  Being able to grab the readers attention and keep it is the key to a successful email strategy.  We do this by understanding your target audience inside and out.  We help you compile an effect email series that will be reused for every new lead capture.

The journey starts with a high valued piece of content where the visitor exchanges their contact info.  From there, we engage the prospect through a series of emails and continue to educate them and encourage them to take action.  Once in the email machine, we can move them around depending on their activity.  Nurturing and staying front of mind.  This is a great way to win over new customers both in the short and long game.