13 Best Private Schools in Sandton (2020)

The best gift parents can give to their children is that of education, so it is paramount to choose the best for the wellbeing of the child.

Choosing a good school for your child is one essential decision that shouldn’t be taken likely; because this is the foundation of everything about the child, present, and future.

A firm foundation ascertains the child’s firm standing in life. 

Several things have to be considered in choosing a school for your child – a conducive and comfortable learning environment, location, finance, merited staff, the safety of the children and reliability of the staff and environment, laid down syllabus and nonacademic activities and also testimonials from people amongst other factors would go a long way. 

If you are in the city of Sandton South Africa, here is a list of the best private schools in Sandton(preschool, primary and high schools) that your ward can attend:


Crawford Schools

Crawford Schools

Crawford was founded in 1993. It is a group of schools that have three levels of academics – preschool, primary, high school, and college.

The schools are fully equipped with qualified good teachers and tutors, which has produced good students with excellent results to show forth.

The college is located at Sandton 2196 S/A, Dr, Waterstone Benmore Gardens. The high school is located at  2062 Sandton, 17 Lonehill Blvd.

The preschool or primary can found at no.4 Randa Rd, Craigavon Sandton, 2191, and the preparatory or primary can be found at no.11 Benmore Rd, Benmore Gardens, Gauteng 2196 Sandton.


Redhill Private Schools in Sandton

Redhill School SA

The preschool, primary and high schools are all situated in the same place but segmented based on the levels. The school can be found at no.20 summit Rd, Morningside Gauteng 2199, Sandton.

With a motto “free to build”, children have the privilege to build themselves into what they want to be with the guidance of their teachers and tutors. 


Sandton Primary School

Sandton Primary School

The school holds standards of providing top-class education to students in a safe and secure environment.

The school has facilities that aids and enhance learning, productivity, innovation, and creativity.

They are located at Sandton, 141 Coleraine Drive Bryanston.


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Sandringham School

Sandringham School

Sandringham school was established in 1988 after the fusion of two different schools to become one.

It is situated at Gauteng, 2128 Sandton, George Ave, Rivonia Exts.

They hold dearly to the notion that “everybody can be somebody”, so they aim towards achieving that and making everybody or just anybody into somebody who can be reckoned with.



Grayston Preparatory/Primary School

Grayston Preparatory/Primary School

With each step, each child is led to be closer to the future. “Holding the hand that holds the future” as the school’s motto they are creating and bringing together a network of future leaders.

They are located at Cnr. 344 North Yaron Rd, Sandown Gauteng, Sandton.



Kim Field Academy

Kim Field Academy SA

Kim Field Academy is a pre-primary and a primary school that tutors your child in a friendly, creative and welcoming facility; Learning is made fun and enjoyable, which helps motivate and inspire the children to discover themselves.

If your location is around Dr, 46 Kingfisher, Fourways Sandton 2191, Kim Field is the best school for your child.



Michael Mount Waldorf School

Michael Mount Waldorf School

The school was established in 1960 and situated at Culross Rd, no.40 Bryanston Gauteng 2191 Sandton. It is founded based on bringing about a transformed and better world after the world war.

So it is to date, bringing about transformation by educating the young minds and “Nurturing conscious, creative, independent thinkers” as their motto goes.


St Teresa’s Mercy School

St Teresa’s Mercy School

This is an all-girls Christian school for primary and high school students and situated at Craighall Park no.30 Rutland Ave, Gauteng 2196 Sandton.

The school is keyed to the idea of grooming confident, responsible, and competent young women in every aspect of life.

It’s directed at teaching on love, kindness, and morality based on the beliefs of the Christian ways. It is a school to consider for your girl child.


Nkowa Private School

Nkowa Private School

Nkowa private school is a school for primary aged students.

They make use of laid down syllabic standards in teaching and tutoring their students with a vision of seeing their students excel and reaching heights and feats in society.

Located at  Louise Cl no.7, Edenburg, Sandton 2128, Nkowa is a school to put into consideration for your child.


St John’s College

St John's College, Johannesburg

This school was founded in 1898; it is an all-boys school in which its intakes are from pre-primary, primary, and college.

They have a nursery/play class segment in which its intakes are both boys and girls.

It is an Anglican church school system in which values, morals, and the Anglican doctrines are the bedrock of the school system in building character and a sound mind.

It is located at St, David Rd, Houghton Estate, Gauteng 2191 Sandton. 


St Mary’s School

St Mary’s School SA

St Mary’s school is rooted in the Anglican church doctrines. It is an all-girls boarding school founded in 1988 with intakes from primary to high schools.

They educate, enlighten, and add value to the lives of their students. Connect with them at Cnr. Athol and Burn St, Waverly, Gauteng 2090, Sandton.


Yeshiva Maharsha Boys School

Yeshiva Maharsha Boys School

Yeshiva is an all-boys seminary and high school in the city of Sandton.

It is a school known for its effective teachings. Its focal point is based on the Jewish educational system; which combines the conventional educational system with theology—looking for a good seminary for your child? Yeshiva is your best bet.

You can locate them at no.37 Bradfield Dve, Fairmount, Gauteng 2192 Sandton.


King’s College South Africa

King’s College is located at Hornbill Rd, no.54  Bryanston Sandton 2191.

The preschool and high schools are a Christian school that does doest only teach based on the syllables but also guides children in faith and existence of God and principles of living right in the Christian way.



Any of these private schools in Sandton are good and excellent choices for your child. Give them the best education with any of the best private preschool, primary and high school/college in the best learning environments, capable teachers, or tutors in Sandton city of South Africa.


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