Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town (2020)

The nursing profession is of paramount importance to the health sector globally and they are essential to all health care centers and hospitals, without the nurses the health sector will be a mess.

In taking up a career in nursing one has to attend the nursing college to become a professional in the field. Attending the best nursing colleges is of utmost priority to every prospective nurse to attain professionalism.

Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town (2020)


What Are The Best Nursing Colleges in Cape Town?

Below is a list of the best nursing colleges in cape town that will set you on the right path:

  • Carinus Nursing College
  • Western Cape College of Nursing
  • Kingsway College Cape Town
  • Healthnicon Nursing College Cape Town
  • Western Cape College of Nursing
  • Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses
  • Oasis Nursing School in Cape Town
  • Kaymandi Elderly Nursing College
  • New Hope School of Nursing
  • Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College
  • Robin Trust Nursing College
  • Lilitha College of Nursing
  • Lunghile Nursing College
  • Life College of Learning
  • Netcare Education


Carinus Nursing College

This nursing college is situated in western cape town south Africa, it has a well-equipped and organized laboratory that is used in carrying out academic researches, observation, and practical projects.

The school offers both distant learning and e-learning to its students, it renders scholarship awards of different degrees to excellent, outstanding results.



Western Cape College of Nursing

This is a privately owned institution that believes that nursing is not just all about catering for the sick and the old people but about displaying the professional expertise of the college.

It ensures that the nursing profession goes beyond the normal notion in the mindset of the people by offering top quality education and practical training to its students.


Kingsway College Cape Town

This college focuses on training community health workers to be equipped and well informed on how to carry out responsibilities in the health sector, it is a dynamic institution where health-related practices of the global standard are upheld.

It has an outstanding educational standard and values that are exceptional and they offer varieties of nursing courses.


Healthnicon Nursing College Cape Town

This is a privately owned nursing college that is accredited by the South African nursing council(SANC), this college offers different nursing programs in a conducive learning environment to the prospective individual that desires to make nursing their profession.

This college is known for its remarkable records of producing professional and efficient nurses.


Western Cape College of Nursing, Cape Town, South Africa

The college is opened to both locally and internationally prospective students who wish to take up a nursing career in south Africa.

The college ensures that the required and essential facilities and equipment needed to accommodate its students.

They have an international standard learning facility to actualize academic goals and achievements.


Victoria Hospital Wynberg Training School for Nurses

This is known as one of the best colleges for training professional nurses, the college ensures that it’s students actualize their dreams of becoming professional and efficient nurses.

Its students are trained to be equipped efficiently and skilled for their future jobs through the quality knowledge, the school is located at Alphen Hill Road, Wynberg, Cape Town.


Oasis Nursing School in Cape Town, South Africa

This college institution is privately owned, that has a well-established infrastructure that covers every aspect of the health facility to enhance practical researches and learning, it’s located at 59 George St, Onverwacht, cape town.

Its vision is to imbibe good values and uphold the principle of advocacy of patients in the nursing profession.


Kaymandi Elderly Nursing College

This college believes that quality healthcare education is the way forward for everyone, they render affordable nursing education and focus on uplifting and supporting those who are financially challenged and have the potential to impact in the community development and also have passion and desire for nursing and healthcare.


New Hope School of Nursing

It is a unique and dynamic college that provides quality education for a head start in the nursing career, they are focused on giving professional lifespan skills to its students through excellent education and training.

They also offer quality professional courses that will enable their students to become professional and skilled nurses.


Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College

This college was named in recognition and memory of the pioneer nurse who introduced the training courses in the Kimberley Hospital, through her affluence the college became legally recognized.

They have an excellent nursing education curriculum that provides quality education to its student.


Robin Trust Nursing College

This college ensures that it equips their student with professional skills to enable them to render to be experts in rendering health care to their patients.

The school focuses on offering affordable, quality education and training for prospective students, varieties of nursing courses are offered in the school, it is a privately owned college institution.


Lilitha College of Nursing

The college offers nursing programs that are focused on the demand for healthcare as it’s a priority.

Over the years it has produced a lot of professional nurses who have contributed positively to the south African health sector.

Its aimed at rendering dynamic academic excellence that will uphold the discipline of knowledge in the nursing practice.


Lunghile Nursing College

This college has two campuses one in cape town and the other in Johannesburg, it is known for running both national and international professional qualification that has been accredited, the programs being offered are: midwifery, enrolled Nurse and bridging course.

It is known for rendering a dynamic educational learning system.


Life College of Learning

It is a privately-owned higher educational institution of nursing college, it was established in 1998 and is located in cape town.

It has seven learning centers across the country, all the courses offered in this college are accredited and approved.

The courses offered in the colleges include health science and nursing.


Netcare Education

It is one of South African’s famous private higher education and training institution center of health care programs, it is a division of Netcare that offers courses in nursing, ancillary care, and emergency medical services.

It comprises of two faculties and has campuses in cape town and Johannesburg, it renders formal education and training in nursing.


In summary, it is of utmost relevance to the society that nurses are needed and necessary to the health sector, and being a professional in this field of health care is paramount.

With the school listed above, you get quality education and excellent training practice in this professional field.

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