Best Distance Learning Universities in South Africa (2020)

Has the thought of getting a degree from any of the Distance Learning Universities in South Africa ever lingered in your mind without being confined within four walls in a school building?

Thanks to the improvement in technology, as well as the Internet, universities now have the feature of studying online and have made distance learning possible and easily accessible.

In South Africa, individual universities have provided the option of learning online.

Some of the best academics, as well as professional programs/courses in the world, are now within easy reach. It is possible to have a balance between life’s nagging demands while learning.

Distance Learning or “Home School” is the form of Education that allows an individual who’s too busy to enrol in a regular University or who couldn’t afford the admission and tuition fees of a proper University.

As a result of the reasons mentioned above, these individuals apply to a distance learning institution with the sole aim of getting a degree in their chosen career.

Best Distance Learning Universities in South Africa (2020)

Advantages of a Distance Learning Insitute over a Regular Institute In South Africa

In South Africa, most of the individuals who couldn’t apply for a regular education opt for long-distance learning because of the following reasons:

  • Distance learning schools are affordable
  • They’re not time-bound, i.e. the students study at their pace and duration.
  • The students have the opportunity of working while they’re undergoing Education; as a result of this, the students can pay for tuition out of their pay package.
  • Home School Education save the student the cost of accommodation and travel expenses.

Due to the reasons stated above, most South Africans avail themselves of the opportunity to be homeschooled at their convenience.


A student enrolling to a distance learning school has to be aware of the fact that some questionable distance learning institutions just want to con unsuspecting South Africans out of their hard-earned money without offering them accredited courses.

The following enquiries need to be made by prospective students before they enrol for their correspondence classes:

  • Is the Institution, a registered member of the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET)
  • How credible does the correspondence school offer the accredited courses?
  • How genuine and up to date are the study materials?
  • How will the school provide support for the students as they study in their Institution?

When these questions have answers, the students also have to ascertain if the school is duly registered as a South African Correspondence School.

Once this is verified, the student can choose from which of these accredited institutions to enrol in.

Best Distance Learning Universities in South Africa (2020)



University of South Africa (UNISA)

The University of South Africa is one of the founding universities for open and online learning in Africa.

UNISA offers an unrivalled range of study options- from short courses and certification programs to three and four-year degrees and diplomas as well.

It is one of the leading research institutions on the continent of Africa, and has thus, acquired many awards per research and excellence.

This international standard distance learning school admits over 300 000 students from more than 120 countries in the world, making them one of the largest distance learning institutions in the world.

Worthy of note is this highly recognized Institution is the only right correspondence school that operates as a University and offer students an array of choices and study flexibility.




Skills Academy

This Correspondence school was established in 2009 and has been in operation till date.

They’re a duly registered school with the Department of Higher Education and Training, and their courses are accredited by SAQA which is the body responsible for the accreditation of courses offered by distance learning institutions.

With affordable fees and the ability of students to defer their classes for a later date, they offer short courses on event management, child care, hospitality, among others.


University of the Witwatersrand Online School (Online Wit)

The University of WITS is one of the accredited online universities in South Africa, and in fact, one of the best.

It offers provisions for online graduate courses from Business and Government School.

These courses have the sole intent of allowing you the opportunity to study at your own pace.

With the directions from the Wits’ online school, the learning experience enables you to further your career, improving your skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately to work.


Online School of the University of Johannesburg

The online school of the University of Johannesburg is happy to offer several online courses that can fast-track the growth of your career.

With start dates of 6 courses per year, without having to travel, and a paid tuition structure per module, the UJ system is as flexible as can be.


Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University is reputed to be one of the accredited as one outstanding online university in South Africa.

Stellenbosch offers online master’s degrees in public management and development.

Their system of issuing out academic certification programs and short courses is through lectures as well as interactive telematics education.


Hatfield Christian School online (HCOS)

HCOS grew out of the Hatfield Christian School (HCS) in Pretoria.

The South African government-accredited it as an excellent online school.

The school has successfully been training South African youth since 1985.

The online system gives you, as our student, and also your parents the freedom to log in at home or anywhere else, and manage your learning environments.


South African Management College (MANCOSA)

The Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) has been ranked as one of the top online universities in South Africa.

Among the courses offered is an online business management program, which was established to develop and enhance progressive managers’ skills.

The flexible schedule enables you, as a working professional, to have high standard Education while achieving your professional dreams.


Lyceum Correspondence College

The Lyceum Correspondence College is based in Johannesburg. The college offers distance education certificates and even diplomas.

Amazing and unique courses- in business administration, traffic management, and even policy education are all provided in the Lyceum Correspondence College.

The wide range of distance learning courses, however, is way more affordable than on-campus learning. was founded in the year 2013. The South African school has the goal of being the leading provider of standard homeschool features in South Africa for the R-12 class.

Virtual schools offer a refreshing, vital, and new option for students in the digital age.

We have put together numerous blended standard learning solutions and activities for R-12 classes.

All of our solutions are entirely in alignment with the South African Curriculum Standards (CAPS).



THINK Digital College


THINK Digital Colle has long been existing, and is, therefore, the very first virtual school in South Africa, and also one of the most accredited online universities in South Africa.

It offers both the CAPS and the Cambridge accepted curriculum. The mission of the THINK Digital College is to integrate good Education as well as the latest technology- to promote creativity, growth, and also, learning.

THINK strives to awaken and also heighten your love for learning in a focused, integrated, responsive, and effective manner.

If you are innovative and creative and think independently; if you have the courage, endurance, and stamina, and also believe in yourself and your potential, then there is a place for you at THINK.


Regent Business School

The Regent Business School has made a name and place for itself as one of the accredited online universities in South Africa.

It offers a Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management; other courses an essential qualification which provides you with an overview of management practices in national and international contexts.

The program aims to develop conceptual understanding, synthesis,s and application of management and management theory for students aspiring to a management career.

The goal is also to provide our students with the knowledge, as well as the practical skills with which they need.



TWP Academy

They were established in 2015 to offer business-related courses to “Working Class” students.

The Together We Pass Academy caters to the need of these individuals as they seek to get educated to advance their career.

The courses they offer are Office Admin, business management, accounting etc.

The ICB and the QCTO accredit the distance learning school while FASSET handles certification.


Home Study College

Home Study College is a distance learning school that solves the education need of business people and those who work in corporate organizations.

With reasonable support measures and offering some of the best courses, this correspondence school is accredited by the ICB, approved by FASSET and endorsed by the National Qualifications Framework.


The Learning Group

Beginning Operations in 1984 with a dedication to offer the best skill training to students, they have now included online correspondence classes as a move to be relevant and be compliant with the social needs and demands.

Their courses are not legitimate but relevant too.


The Decor Institute

The department of TLG that offer courses and educates students who are event planners and interior decorators or want to pursue a career along that line of business is the Decor Institute.

They also offer short courses, Art history and events management related courses.


The International Business Training College

This Correspondence school focus on meeting the educational needs of people who work in corporate organizations, who wanna advance their career or wanna advance their promotion at the workplace.

The courses they offer include CFA, ACCA and CIMA. They also provide Diplomas in business management, HRM and another sketch up courses.



This distance learning college is for prospective students who want to learn the skills required to have an edge in the modern business world.

They’re registered by the DHET and offer courses like Business Admin and Accounting among other related courses.



In general, online schools in South Africa offer a lot of diverse opportunities for professional, skill, and even mental development.

This online feature is best maximized as it allows you the laxity to study at your own pace; that is, on your own terms, so to say.

You are provided with the flexibility you need to balance your work or professional life alongside your education.

You can love your dreams, even from your home.

Using this latest and most recent advancement in communication technology, online teachers are now creating new business opportunities.

They are able to achieve this by building networks with you of like goals.

A great number of these accredited online universities in South Africa offer lower tuition; and yet, maintaining quality content and teacher participation, even at masters degree level.

You are just one click away from attending your dream college, at affordable rates, and from your comfort zone.

In as much as this correspondence schools do their best to avail their students of the opportunity to be educated in the area of required skills, the student has a responsibility of making sure they get the best training.

Home school study requires a good dose of dedication and focus.

The students must also maintain a learner relationship with their instructor at all times.

As final advice before a prospective student decides to enrol in any Correspondence school, they should do a little detective work.

Its this due diligence that will save them from any woes that may arise in future.

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