Recreating ProductPlan


ProductPlan was in dire need of a complete online branding overhaul.  Their software is simple and intuitive, yet their site felt dated and unpolished by today’s standards.  Director of Marketing, Andre Theus, knew they had to bring their number 1 selling tool up to speed if they were to continue to grow.

We ultimately built their new site design from the ground up.  This included a fresher color pallet.  We created literal and conceptual graphics that showed how ProductPlan’s service would solve a common problem within the product management community.

Content Strategy:
ProductPlan offers many valuable resources to their current and prospecting customers.  This includes a learn section that aids users on how to maximize their effectiveness on roadmaps strategies.  They also have a content hub or blog that has a ton of useful information about product management and strategy, marketing, roadmapping, and entrepreneurship.  We simplified the user’s interaction with the content by drastically improving their information architecture; reducing clicks, and making it easy to find and digest their vast library of information.

Lead Management:
Squeeze Pages or Landing Pages are essential to any online sales funnel.  They offer useful resources in exchange for contact information.  We built out a custom template within the CMS to allow ProductPlan to deploy their own Lead Pages on demand easily.  This allows them to test different messaging and lead magnets so they can optimize and improve their overall Lead Value.


Services Included:

  1. Branding
  2. Optimized User Experience
  3. CMS Development
  4. Lead Management
  5. Speed Optimization
  6. Ongoing Support

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