Best British Curriculum Schools in South Africa

The British curriculum is the most accepted and popularly known educational structure and standard that’s widely adopted around the globe, it’s said to be the best system of education in the world because of the impact it has on learning and teaching.

Most schools accredited under the Educational board is obligated to use the British curriculum in their teaching and assessment.

There are a lot of British curriculum schools in South Africa. The country has said to be rooted in the education system and then the adoption of the British curriculum has made education easier for the government and the masses at large.

The British curriculum has enhanced the education system in South Africa, it’s qualified and balanced based system made education exciting and entertaining for the pupils and the teachers.

British curriculum schools in South Africa are quite expensive but have a run for the money because of the qualified academic excellence that’s achieved.

In considering British curriculum schools in South Africa for best and quality education, here is a list of the very best of them below that can be considered;


The British Academy Pretoria, South Africa (TBA)


The British Academy Pretoria, South Africa(TBA)

TBA provides a good learning environment and a platform for learners to harness their full potentials in its full capacity in becoming successful both personally, professionally, and academically.

They comprise of a large proportion of learner body booth diplomatic and embassy learner respectively, TBA has excellently distinguished itself among others through its qualified academic learning and teaching program in numerous national awards in which they were awarded the first position over the last few years.

The British Academy Pretoria, South Africa(TBA)
TBA is one of the leading Cambridge international examination high school, and it’s also a center for Cambridge exam and Cambridge professional development center, it carries out a variety of the CIE (Cambridge International Exam) courses.

TBA was established in 2012 in centurion but has subsequently moved to Pretoria the capital city in South Africa in 2014, its vision is to train world-class results created by world-class educators and they hope to raise the private tuition to a new level where amazing and outstanding results are made through the benchmark of excellence and professionalism. They harmonize the old-world practice with contemporary modern teaching in other to bring out the best from their educators and learners respectively.

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British International Preparatory School (BIPS)

British International Preparatory school(BIPS)

The BIPS encourages the quality academic pursuit of excellence and professionalism in all endeavors and areas of the educational curriculum system, it offers pupils an excellent opportunity to achieve their desired and personal potential in a conducive, exciting and expertly managed learning environment, it’s the expertise of qualified and experienced teachers to ensure the pupils are guided and taught towards the collective aim and goal of academic excellence is carried with commitment, devotion, and competence.

BIPS is known for their value to create amazing success in a highly competitive world like this, they ensure to esteem this value in all areas of the educational system, they offer children in South Africa the very best of quality primary education with the impact of a carefully oriented balance between the traditional values and modern/contemporary approach modes to education.

The school offers the British curriculum which is known as the Cambridge curriculum undiluted and also runs other extra-curricula activities simultaneously. The school is has proven to be of good reputation in providing excellent and outstanding foundational performance for secondary school.

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Generation Schools Sunningdale South Africa

Generation Schools Sunningdale South Africa

These schools are aimed at developing the individual talents of every child and also creating an enabling and exciting environment that gives room for curiosity and eagerness to learn more actively, it’s aim is to ensure that learning and knowledge are not just taught but also felt and experienced excitingly. Its focus and goal are to encourage every child to discover and harness then true passion they possess naturally, for them to be more creative, inventive, and innovative.

The school practice the British curriculum and balanced with Montessori curriculum, they believe that the Montessori helps to balance the Cambridge curriculum in the sense that the children are made to focus and think outside the box, the school management practice the Montessori curriculum for the pre-school and the British curriculum for the Primary and High school.

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Helderberg International School Somerset West South Africa

Helderberg International School Somerset West South Africa

HIS is an exclusively South African school with an international perspective that provides a co-educational and internationally adopted and acclaimed curriculum pre-school, primary and High school.

It’s also a Cambridge international examination center, it combines the best of South African traditional education with an international assessment which aims at equipping and preparing the children for the challenges of life, also the school focus on the balanced awareness of the child about the world around them by being internationally-minded and functionally minded respectively.

The HIS uses the balanced British curriculum to bring the best talent out of their student not just only learning but also developing their potentials, it’s focused on maintaining the South African culture, norms and tradition alongside with the contemporary teaching values and practices and also providing quality academic excellence and standards.

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International School of Cape Town (ISCT)

ISCT is also one of the leading Cambridge international examination centers and also extends its curriculum for opportunities to higher education both locally and internationally. It was established in 1998 and has a hallmark of excellence for the past years since its establishment.

ISCT is a privately owned institution, co-educational school which offers the British-styled education to both local and international student, despite the use of international approach, its British curriculum allows local practices and content, the application of the 21century educational practices is eminent in their model of teaching.

Its goal is to empower and encourage students to build up essential skills and also enhance their passion for learning that will last for futuristic purposes.

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In conclusion, British curriculum schools are not just known for balanced education but also harmonizing the traditional content and extra curriculum activities with the Cambridge curriculum which makes them stand out for excellence and exceptionality in the educational system.

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