13 Best TVET Colleges In Gauteng (2020)

TVET stands for Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

TVET is all about teaching, training, and education that offers you the needed skills/ability and know-how to be employed or even self-employed.

TVET is an essential way of enlarging, building, upgrading, and teaching one’s capacity in their careers and pave the way and opportunities for employment that is retainable, substantial, productive, and rewarding.

This article provides you with several good TVET colleges in Gauteng.

13 Best TVET Colleges In Gauteng (2020)

13 Best TVET Colleges In Gauteng (2020)



Gauteng Central College

The Gauteng central college can be found at 391 Pretorius St between Du Toit and Prinsloo Street Pretjolum Building, Pretoria, Gauteng. This college proffer training to students on developmental, sellable, practical industrial, and professional education certificates and helps them to be able to compete favourably in the labour market. They are building the students in becoming successful entrepreneurs or self-employed personals.


Tshwane North TVET College

This college is found at 421 Helen Joseph St, Arcadia, Pretoria Gauteng.

The college programs are post-school training programs (that is, a school after one’s high school, which could be formal or informal).

Tshwane North TVET College is all about innovativeness and empowering young minds with the necessary skills and know-how for the life and world that awaits them.

They offer programs and courses like baking and catering, fashion designing, computer expert training and repairs, events management, project managing, pottery, and many other artistry and skills development programs.

They also offer courses in engineering, business, and entrepreneurship, etc.


Festicol FET (Further Education and Training) College

Festicol College is found in Gauteng province, 291 Andries Street of Pretoria.

The college is aimed at grooming, developing, training, and cultivating students from poor communities to close the gap of poverty and boost their economy and help them to be self-reliant.

They also operate to aid organizations in skillfully training employees in different areas.


Rostec College

Rostec College has three different learning facilities in various locations in Gauteng. 84 President St, ground floor, the Markade Building Johannesburg.

The Pretoria facility is at 378 Pretorius St, Pretoria. Vereeniging facility is the third in Gauteng found at Barclays Centre, 1st floor, Beaconsfield Ave & Leslie.

They offer professional certificate and diploma programs and courses in different areas and are all about achieving excellence, skillfulness, and expertise in their students.


South West Gauteng TVET College – Roodepoort Campus

The facility can be found South-West of Gauteng at no. 3 Webber Ave, Horizon View, Roodepoort.

It is a community educational Centre open to all.

They are all out to promote and bring about expertise, eminence, and excellence in their students and community as a whole.


Moata School

Moata is found at no. 23 Bureau Lane 601 Centenary building Gauteng, Pretoria.

The school is well equipped with equipment/machinery and really skilled expert trainers to train and teach the students on different skills, courses and use of the machinery.

They offer courses in the technical, practical, mechanical, and engineering aspects.

Moata is all about imparting skills and knowledge with a passion for achieving success and remarkable results.



Brooklyn City College

Having been in existence for over ten years, Brooklyn City College has been. It is still thriving as a right TVET college that accommodates students from different areas of specialization, be it fashion, engineering, etc.

They also offer Diploma courses in Criminology and policing, business management, marketing, etc.

They are located 228 Pretorius St, Metropolitan Building, Pretoria.



Wamalloy Engineering College

The school is located 305 Bengal St, Laudium Pretoria. It is a private school, well equipped with all types of mechanical machinery to ease and foster learning.

They offer technical and practical courses in electrical and mechanical engineering.

They are working to bring about the best engineers with the best experiences and expertise.

They are all about creativity and innovatively developing and building the students.


Churchill Technical College

The school is found at no. 262 Madiba St, Pretoria. As a FET, Churchill college is set based on providing functional pieces of training and knowledge in different areas.

They are out to provide students with information and knowledge on skills and programs or courses that will help them to be employable and self-reliant.

Courses in mechanical and electrical engineering, machinery, etc. are taught, and students are certified in such areas.


Denver Technical College

Denver college is aimed at building young minds and giving them something to hold on to for life through knowledge, skills, and training.

They are aimed at bringing about a positive change in the nations firstly by investing in minds and producing the value for others to benefit from it.

They are located at 217 Du Toit St, Arcadia Pretoria.



Southwest Media College

This TVET college has to do with everything music; producing sounds, mixing of sounds, control of sounds, sound engineering, technology and production, applications for sound engineering, editing of sound, audio equipment, their functions, setting them up, fixing of a material, etc.

If you have an interest in music, Southwest Media College is the place for you; located at 286 Pretorius Street Pretoria.


DAM School of Policing

The school has to do with that arm of the society that deals with safety, security, and order.

They are about maintaining and adherence to rules, regulations, obligations, and laws in society.

They train students in these areas and teaching them everything they need to know about this field.

The school is located Cnr Bosman St, 133 WF Nkomo St, Pretoria.



Richfield Technology College (PC Training and Business College)

Richfield is all about computers, its workings, which makes a computer and its components.

They teach and train on computers and all that comes with it. Students are also taught courses on coding, programming, etc.

Richfield can be found 169 Jeff Masemola St, Pretoria.



TVET colleges give you an edge, and you make advantageous in the labour market as most employers are looking for people who are skilful and have the know-how to thrive in the ever-competitive world.

Enrol now in any of the TVET colleges in Gauteng, and you’re on your way to a lifelong rewarding career.

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