Best Teaching Colleges in South Africa (2020)

Are you in South Africa, or seeking to study there? There are indeed a lot of options to choose from and consider.

Notwithstanding, choosing South Africa as a study destination is one of the best decisions you will take.

You may have been scouting from page to page, or site to site trying to find out the best college to enrol.

You can rest assured that this will be the final stop.

South Africa can boast of hosting the best higher education institutions and facilities in, not just Africa, but the world.

Best Teaching Colleges in South Africa (2020)

Best Teaching Colleges in South Africa (2020)

  1. University of South Africa (UNISA)

The University of South Africa is one of the large universities in Africa.

The University attracts a third of all higher education students, including international students from about 130 countries.

It trains and inspires aspiring leaders of tomorrow.

UNISA is a reliable, comprehensive, and flexible institution, and offers internationally accredited qualifications with world-class resources.


  1. Northwest University (NWU)

Northwestern University was founded in January 2004.

North-West University offers students a vibrant range of study options at the undergraduate and graduate levels spanning the spectrum of academic disciplines, from agriculture and arts to business, engineering, education, health, law, natural science, and theology.


  1. Western Cape University

WCU is located in the Bellville, Cape Town, South Africa. The University was established in 1960.

The South African government established it, as an institution for people of colour to be able to learn.

One key concern of the University in regards to access, equity, and quality in higher education stems from a broad and practical commitment to help its people fully participate in building the dynamics of the nation.


  1. University of Rhodes

The University is a South African institution, with a well-established reputation and regard for academic excellence.

Rhodes is located in Grahamstown. It is a small university that enjoys the honours of graduating the best Bachelor’s degree students in South Africa.

It also has excellent results of research by academic staff members.


  1. University of Venda (UNIVEN)

Venda University is a comprehensive rural university in South Africa, located in Thohoyandou in the Limpopo province.

It was established in 1982 under the government of the then Republic of Venda.

The school offers undergraduate and master’s degree programs in courses in the fields of Agriculture, Education, Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences, Human and Social Sciences, among others.


  1. Limpopo University

This has been in existence since 2005. It came about as a result of the merger between the University of the North and the Medical University of South Africa (MEDUNSA).

These previous institutions both formed the University’s Turfloop and MEDUNSA campuses, respectively.

In 2015, the MEDUNSA campus was divided and became the Sefako Makgatho University of Health Sciences.


  1. University of the Free State

The University of the Free State is a multi-campus public university, which is located in Bloemfontein; the capital of the Free State.

Tuition for enrollment is relatively low and affordable. Free State was established in 1904.

The University was declared a full-fledged independent university in 1950, and the name was once changed to the University of the Orange Free State.



  1. Fort Hare University

Fort Hare University is known as one of the low enrollment universities in South Africa.

African blacks, from 1916 to 1959, used it as a critical institution for higher education.

It offered a Western type of academic education to students from all over sub-Saharan Africa, which in turn created a black African elite.

Fort Hare alumni were also part of many independence movements across Africa.


  1. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Nelson Mandela University currently has more than 20,000 students, approximately 2,000 employees including professors; and seven university cities in Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Metropole) and George.

It consists of seven faculties (art, economics, and commerce, education, law, engineering, and technology).


  1. KwaZulu Natal University

University KwaZulu Natal ranked No. 686 in the world and is one of the best universities in South Africa.

KwaZulu-Natal University was founded on January 1, 2004. It was as a result of the merger between Durban-Westville University and the University of Natal.

The new University, however, holds with it, rich stories of the two previous universities.


  1. University of Johannesburg

The University of Johannesburg is undoubtedly one of the best universities in Africa.

It is also one of South Africa’s largest and most multi-campus residential universities.

The University seeks to achieve the rank of the highest distinction in scholarships, as well as research within the context of higher education.


  1. Stellenbosch University

Stellenbosch University ranks number 1 in all of South Africa and comes 400th in the world ranking for academic excellence and research, as well as creativity, innovation and a conducive learning environment.

It prides itself to have one of the highest numbers of graduates in the country, of which almost ten per cent are international students.


  1. University of Pretoria

The University of Pretoria fully kick-started in the year 1908.

There were about thirty-two students who enrolled in courses.

The institution has proven its worth over and again through the years by maintaining high standards as well as world-class talents.

The name Tuks, for the University of Pretoria, is derived from the acronym, Transvaal University College (TUC).


  1. University of the Witwatersrand

The University of the Witwatersrand has an established reputation for research and academic excellence.

Wits are one of only two universities in Africa which has been ranked in two separate international rankings as a leading institution in the world.

It has also ranked top in the world; making it the only University in the country to achieve such feats.



  1. University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town has been ranked 456th in the world. UCT was established in the year 1829. The University has a beautiful tradition of academic excellence.

It also centres on achieving change and social development through its academic founding fathers, and students. Its astonishing sight is indeed a sight to behold.

Its campus is located at the foot of Devil’s Peak from Table Mountain.


Studying in South Africa is an experience you wouldn’t forget in a hurry. Every step, right from the application down to being in the college is a decision you’d always be thankful for taking.

Select a college of your choice and begin processing your application, right away.

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