Best Remedial Schools in Johannesburg (Corrective Schools)

Remedial schools in Johannesburg use an alternative type of education system and skills development initiated in a bid to correct, improve, upgrade, and refine a person or child in skills or subjects he/she lacks in.

It is carried out in areas of developmental skills or education, compensatory and makeup education, academic enhancement, and bridging gaps in basic fundamental schooling.

Most remedial educational systems or schools are non-governmental and non-profit organizations. They are privately owned for the very good, development, and improvement of students.

Remedial or corrective schooling is made for children lacking in one area or the other academically in literacy and/or learning abilities.

It is also made for people with additional special needs who are medically identified with some inabilities and disabilities.

There are numerous remedial schools in Johannesburg, but it is essential in choosing the right ones suitable for your ward and if it meets the expectation of what the ward is to learn, correct, develop and improve upon.

This decision of choice goes a long way in shaping and redirecting the course of the ward’s life and future.

This decision should be enforced by adequate knowledge of the schools, their teaching methods, professionals in teaching and handling students based on their needs and inabilities and the facilities that aid learning.

Below are some of the best remedial schools in Johannesburg:

The Star Academy Johannesburg

The Star Academy Johannesburg

This is a school for children with autism and other associated conditions. With branches in different parts of S/A, the academy is aimed at helping children with autism cases recover with the appropriate treatment via the use of ‘Applied Behavior Analysis’ (ABA).

This entails the implementation of guidelines describing ways of behaving towards situations that affect one. The use of these guidelines helps build back a child’s life and build self-esteem.

It is located at 80 Athol St, Waverley, Johannesburg.


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Forest Town School

Remedial Schools in Johannesburg - Forest Town School

Forest Town has been in existence for over 60 years, and it stands as the very first school in South Africa created for children with inabilities and inadequacies.

Its intakes are between the age bracket of 3-22. It is aimed at providing remedy and intervention from an early age. The school is run based on sponsorships and donations from partners and non-profit organizations, so most students are on free tuition.
Address: Cnr Rannoch and New Forest Roads Forest Town Johannesburg.


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Sparrow Schools/Academies


Remedial Schools in Johannesburg - Sparrow Schools/Academies

The sparrow schools are classified into various levels based on a child’s level of understanding – The foundation or elementary school which deals with students with learning disabilities.

The children are trained with a preceding syllabus that helps them improve mentally and otherwise.

There’s also the joined or combined school which deals with combining conventional school syllables and practical life skills that would help build them to be employable later in life.

Remedial Schools in Johannesburg - Sparrow Schools/Academies

The FET Academy is the last category where it is based on appropriate training in connection with other non-profitable organizations who are also partners of the sparrow academies; these organizations provide funding for the students to be trained in various vocational jobs.

Sparrow group of schools have their location situated at 39 St Swithins Ave Melville Johannesburg.


Crossroads School Johannesburg

Crossroads School Johannesburg

Crossroads was founded in 1966. It is burdened with the responsibility of building a solid foundation for children through efficient and teaching methods and helping them achieve bigger things later in life.

The schools shape the children and help them build capacity in furthering their education and studies and become whatever they want to.

The school has well-trained teachers that professionally and practically guide, support, and equip children with learning inadequacies.
The school is located at 2nd Ave, Victory Park Johannesburg and you can contact them via +27-11-782-5378.


Baobab Learning Centre

Baobab is a corrective high school in south Africa for children between the ages brackets of 13-21. It is meant for children with special and additional needs like learning difficulties, disorder and disabilities, autism, low intellectual abilities or IQ, and acute Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) where children find it challenging to concentrate and pay attention and are always on edge.

You can find Baobab at Parktown North, Johannesburg, and contact them on +27-11 8806-313 or +27 614592415.

Bellavista Remedial/Corrective School

Bellavista Remedial/Corrective School SA

The school has been in existence for the past 53 years. It is a private-owned school registered with the Group of Health Funders.

It is affiliated with groups like the South African Association of Independent Schools, Dyslexia Association of the British, International Association of Dyslexia among others.

Bellavista pays attention to children between the ages of 5 to 14 who have difficulty in following and understanding primary academic curriculums and in reading and writing.

The school provides the child with professionals in different fields – speech specialists, psychological specialists, specialized teachers, sports coaches, etc. to help build the child all around.

It is situated at 35 Wingfield Ave. Birdhaven Johannesburg, 2196 South Africa. You can contact them via +27-11-788-5454.


Glenoaks Remedial/Corrective School

Glenoaks Remedial/Corrective School

The Glenoaks School is situated at 72 Roberts Ave., Kensington, Johannesburg 2101, and been existing for over 40years.

Registered with the educational or academic Department, the school is an agent of change in the child’s life.

They are saddled with the responsibility of providing intensive care and nurturing for children with other special needs and those with learning gaps and inadequacies.

Learning is fun, interactive, and patiently laid out, which enhances the wellbeing of the child.
You can contact them via +27-11-624-1160.


Craiglands Remedial/Corrective School

Craiglands Remedial/Corrective School

Craiglands provides education and cares for children who are performing poorly and have difficulty in learning in the standard conventional educational systems.

It provides elementary or rudimentary tuition for children between the ages of 5-14.

They have a goal of providing, academic, social, emotional, and psychological improvement, development, and growth in a child.

Situated at 29 Rutland Avenue Craighall Park Johannesburg and you can contact them on +27-11-325-4802.


Cross-over Remedial/Corrective School

This is a private-owned Christian based school that has been in existence for over 10years.

It is registered with the Educational department with professionals in all fields to teach, coach, and groom students for a better tomorrow.

The school takes care of students with learning problems – lack of and/or slow in assimilation or understanding; students who perform below average, on average, and those with low IQs.

It is a school for all, that is, those who don’t have much difficulties learning and those with intense difficulties in learning.
You can find them at 31A,198 Springbok Rd, Rispark Johannesburg, and contact them on +27-118695642.

In Conclusion

No child should be written off or sentenced to a life of misery because he/she is handicapped in learning. Allow them to grow, be better, improve, and be refined. Give them a chance to live and live.
Enroll them in one of Johannesburg’s best remedial/corrective schools and get the best out of that child. They’ve got potentials, help them unlock those untapped hidden potentials, and live to the fullest.

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