Best Public Colleges in Johannesburg (2020)

Public colleges are schools that are assisted by the government for their citizens to be able to afford the tuition fee and have the quality education they deserve.

It’s difficult to beat the public school because they are more affordable and have the mass’s opinion and also offer scholarship awards for excellent grades to outstanding scholars.

Below is a list of the best public colleges in Johannesburg, if you reside in Johannesburg these schools are the best options you can apply for:


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What Are The Best Public Colleges in Johannesburg?

Below is a list of the best public colleges in Johannesburg as of 2020;

  • Damelin Correspondence College
  • Western College for Further Education & Training
  • Rand Training College
  • Jeppe College
  • Boston City Campus
  • Central Johannesburg College
  • Khomanani Business College
  • Rostec College
  • Mbowa College
  • Sandton Technical college
  • Johannesburg City College
  • Brooklyn City College
  • College for Business and Maritime Studies
  • South West Gauteng College
  • South African Business and Technology college




Damelin Correspondence College

Damelin College - Best Public Colleges in Johannesburg

This college is known for the reputation it has kept for the past 62 years, it offers courses from matric certificates, certificates, and diplomas, they have an esteemed legacy of the outstanding educational system.

The school renders quality education at affordable rates to its student and equips them with business, creative, computer, and technical expertise skills.


Western College for Further Education & Training

This college is a technical and vocational and educational training that has 6 campuses and runs a wide range of different programs.

Its vision focused on being an innovative and creative global partner for lifelong learning, it provides important and accessible education, training, and exciting opportunities through teamwork to benefit the country.


Rand Training College

Rand Training College

Rand training college is rendering a high educational standard but affordable to all its prospective students to further their educational training in an academic environment that enhances social values and discipline.

Its focuses on providing its student with unique and inspiring academic input and personal attention.


Jeppe College

Jeppe College

This college is a school of commerce and computer studies, it ensures that it’s prospective student find it accessible and easy to attend the school, they offer both part-time and full-time courses to its students.

It’s aimed at deriving professionalism that enhances perfection.


Boston City Campus

Boston City Campus

They offer a recognized and accredited higher education qualification of learning and varieties of other educational qualifications, they believe that personal attention is crucial and essential to success.

They are focused on providing and rendering quality educational services to their students and also help them to face challenges.


Central Johannesburg College

Central Johannesburg College

This school’s mission is to ensure that it leads its student to employment opportunities and equip them with skills to impact and contribute to the development of the country’s economy through training interventions and approach combined with responsive education, it’s values are quality, integrity, accountability, respect, and professionalism in all areas.


Khomanani Business College

Khomanani Business College

KBC is known to be a multi-award winning higher education that has been established for over 25 years and gained an outstanding reputation for not just educating and teaching students about their career journey but help in educating them on how to face the challenges of life.

It believes in the balanced method of learning towards education.


Rostec College SA

Rostec College SA

It is a college that fosters educational services in engineering, business studies, and vocational to sustain the growth and development of the South African community at large.

Rostec College SA

Its mission is to render quality education that creates an opportunity to empower the individuals of the society, it helps to elevate the leadership skills of its students.


Mbowa College

Mbowa College

This college offers 19 certificate courses, 16 diploma courses, and its mission is to make sure it’s learner or scholars achieve their educational goals by enhancing their thinking capacity, they motivate their students to be responsible and accountable for their action and be productive members of the society.


Sandton Technical College

STC is a college that provides affordable higher education which equips its student to face challenges and also impact positively to the society with their field of study in which they have gained experience.

Its motto is “with us your future is guaranteed” and the school’s vision is focused on providing affordable quality education to every South African.


Johannesburg City College

The college is focused on providing higher education at the lowest fee for the country and also ensure they actualize their dreams; they render extra-values quality work based on learning education at low fees.

They believe that the best way to study and comprehend what is happening in the world is by practical and research.


Brooklyn City College

Brooklyn City College

This college is located at 228 Pretorius St, Pretoria Johannesburg South Africa, it’s a progressive educational environment that ensures the enriching and enhancement of students, employees, and the community at large.

They are centered on courses that are recognized with reputable educational bodies that give high job opportunities globally.


College for Business and Maritime Studies

This college runs an educational program of postgraduate, short skills courses, and e-learning, it’s vision is to train individuals with quality and essential education that enables them to actualize their full potential.

Their mission is to offer training and render quality education at is affordable through qualified and experienced learning approach.



South West Gauteng College

SWGC is a public college that is based on vocational, technical, and training education which offers quality academic training.

Its motive is to utilize college resources to enhance excellence in the services, acceptance of entrepreneur skills amongst its students, its values are centered on upholding the culture and norms of learning and teaching.



South African Business and Technology College

This college is located at Newtown Johannesburg South Africa, it is a college institution that renders accredited and approves courses that are been taught by a committed and dedicated team.

It is approved by the department of higher education. Their courses are rendered at an affordable fee for its prospective student to enroll in the school, it also ensures good quality education academic excellence.


In conclusion, the public college had made education easy and accessible for youths in various parts of South Africa, it creates opportunities for youth to actively participate in happening in the global world.

Attending on of the best public schools in Johannesburg doesn’t only provide quality education but also creates the opportunity to be responsible and accountable for every action an individual takes, with the schools listed above you get quality education and the opportunity to experience the real world.

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