Best Primary Schools in Cape Town (2020)

Cape town is a home town too so many in South Africa, it’s one of the biggest and famous towns in South Africa because of the advanced development and technology that has evolved over the years.

The environment of a place plays a major role in a child’s education in all aspects, staying in cape town entails you getting the best of everything including education.


What Are The Best Primary Schools in Cape Town?

The Best Primary Schools in Capetown are;

  • Bergvliet Primary School
  • Bergvliet Primary School
  • Grove Primary School
  • Oakhurst Primary School
  • Greenfield Girls Primary School
  • Table View Primary School
  • Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School
  • Christel House South Africa
  • Cannons Creek Independent School
  • Rustenburg School for Girls
  • HoutBay International School
  • Constantia Waldorf School
  • St Cyprian’s School
  • St George’s Grammar School
  • St Joseph’s Marist college
  • Herschel Girls School


There are a lot of good schools in cape town that renders quality education for every child, below is a detailed list of the best primary schools in cape town:


Bergvliet Primary School

Bergvliet Primary School

This school is located in Bergvliet, cape town, it’s a co-educational preparatory school that was established in 1950 and it renders educational services to inspire and nurture it’s the learner.

Their utmost priority is to deliver the best academic curriculum and also attain a reputable academic goal.


Grove Primary School

golden grove primary school south africa

GPS was established in 1885 and is located in Claremont, cape town, they have all the required grades from 00-7 for every child.

This school is committed to achieving educational excellence in a dynamic and unique environment, it believes that academic excellence is not a static endpoint but entails steady renewal and development of a child’s capacity.


Oakhurst Girl’s Primary School

OPS has quality school facilities that provide quality education to its learners, it is an all-girls primary school which was established in 1906.

It is situated in Oakhurst avenue, Rondebosch cape town, it has qualified and experienced teachers who are interested in creating opportunities for its girls to succeed in all areas and encourages their participation.


Greenfield Girls Primary School

Greenfield Girls Primary School

The mission of this school is to offer academic excellence to its girls and develop their skills and potentials to become confident and independent citizens who will be able to meet the challenges of the world firmly and strongly.

The school is focused on training and bringing up creative and innovative young women who will contribute to society.


Table View Primary School

Table View Primary School

TVPS is a school-based on Christian values and morals and was established in 1971, it’s situated in the suburban area of cape town.

The school ensures to provide holistic education to its student with a strong emphasis on culture, sports, and academic activities, it also fosters teaching acceptance and respect for cultural and religious values and beliefs.


Rondebosch Boys Preparatory School

Rondebosch Boys' Preparatory School - Wikipedia

The school is an all-boys primary school that was first opened in 1897, it consists of quality school facilities that enhance learning and fosters a conducive environment.

The school has a wide range of internet facility that provides an opportunity for the boys to part of the globe.


Christel House South Africa

Christel House South Africa - best primary schools in cape town

This preparatory is a nonprofit institution that has an educational grade from 00-12 and has a student population that is over 600, it’s a school that focuses on changing the lives of children who are impoverished from around the world.

The school is aimed at developing children with low self-esteem and also aimed at shaping the children from early childhood to adulthood.


Cannons Creek Independent School

The school enhances a good academic foundation for its pupils, it endeavors to improve and develop the children’s self-confidence and independence with a sense of responsibility.

The school is focused on imbibing good morals and manners in its pupils, the school practice a balanced approach to academic and extracurricular activities through social interactions.


Rustenburg School for Girls

Rustenburg School for Girls

The school is an all-girls school that is rooted in values that train young people to be aware and oriented about challenges in the modern world and how to solve them, the school has a unique learning environment that allows its pupils to develop their potentials in all aspects.

It also has a high school and established in 1894.


HoutBay International School

HoutBay International School

This school is more than a school because of its focus on academic excellence and are out to boost the potentials of the young ones, they are centered on the development of the child both in the classroom and the outer world at large, it fosters a top-quality preparatory school intending to make its students become their best and help themselves


Constantia Waldorf School

Constantia Waldorf School

This school is known for an exceeding reputation and academic excellence; it is a co-educational school that fosters the development of a child’s learning ability.

This school is located in the southern suburbs of cape town, it has a comprehensive curriculum that enhances its pupil’s academic and potential capacity.


St Cyprian’s School

St Cyprian’s School SA

St Cyprian school is based on Christian values; it is an all-girls primary school that has the available grades of 00-12 for all its pupils.

The school has a boarding system available, it is also focused on shaping and developing the character of its children, the school builds up the knowledge of its pupils by inspiring their love of learning.


St George’s Grammar School

This primary school’s vision is to foster a unique and diverse community whereby everyone is valued and able to flourish, their mission is centered on encouraging the young ones who have a passion to become inquisitive learners and critical thinkers who can move forward with hope and commitment to impacting the society at large.


St Joseph’s Marist college

St Joseph’s Marist college

The school is a multicultural and co-educational institution that renders learning services to children from preschool to matric level, it’s curriculum provides a Montessori approach of learning for its children who in grade 00-6.

The school offers an academic system based on spiritual and moral standards that creates an opportunity for every child to be at their best.


Herschel Girls School

Herschel Girls School

This school offers both boarding and day schooling option to prospective parents who wants to enroll their wards in the school, it’s an independent school based on an Anglican foundation.

The school seeks to engage the productivity and creativity of its girls to daily activities in the classroom, they focus on nurturing their pupils in all aspects of life.


In summary getting the best primary education is essential to every child and of paramount interest to the parents, with the schools listed above you can get the best primary school education every parent desires for their children.



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