Best Business Schools In South Africa (2020)

South Africa is said to have the best business schools and also known to be ranked highly in the international ranking.

In 2010 the university of cape town was ranked highly in the FT Executive Education Customized ranking, it was ranked the 2nd in South Africa and the top 49th in the world, then Gordon institute of business science was the next leading school in South Africa and also ranked globally as the 38th.


Below is the list of best business schools in South Africa that will give you the best for the business economy:


Best Business Schools In South Africa (2020)



UCT Graduate School of Business

UCT Graduate School of Business

UCT is ranked as the top business school in Africa and was also voted by Eduniversal, it’s the top-ranking public university and is located in cape town in the western cape province of South Africa.

In 2010 in the “value for money” UCT was said to be ranked as the 2nd and also MBA programme was ranked globally as the 89th by the financial times.


Gordon Institute of Business Science

Gordon Institute of Business Science

GIBS was founded in 2000 and is also a leading accredited business school that is based in Johannesburg, it’s also known as the business school of the University of Pretoria.

Gordon Institute of Business Science

Over the years the school has been consecutively ranked as part of the top five business schools in South Africa.

The school has offers a broad range of the academic programme.



Access Business Academy, Port Elizabeth

This business school runs a distance education programme and was established in 1986 and is located at Port Elizabeth in South Africa, the school is also known for been involved in a corporate training programme.

It has a collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University and is known for its outstanding reputation and records.


Henley Business School Sandton, South Africa

HBS is located at Paulshof suburb of Johannesburg South Africa and it has a campus that is British-based and also an international business school of choice, the school is known to be the only business school in Africa that offer a triple-accreditation and is also part of the US accreditation bodies.

It’s aimed at making their students become better leaders and managers.


Milpark Business School

This business school renders a quality education that is focused and aimed at empowering and equipping its students to pursue ethical and sustainable business practices.

The school allows its students to choose between contact and distance learning online, the school is aimed at boosting the culture of helping and giving back.


Management College of South Africa (MANCOSA)

The school is aimed at giving its students practical knowledge of business to enhance their focus on business disciplines, the school is known to be part of the top business schools in South Africa.

It’s a private higher education institution that provides accessible and affordable education in all the degree programme it offers.


NWMSU-Business Institution, Pretoria

This business institution is an affiliation with the Northwest Missouri State University and it’s a public institution that provides a hands-on and cutting edge courses in the area of business.

The school offers a wide range of major courses in business management to equip its student in varieties of the business sector.


Regenesys Business School

RBS is located at 165 West St, Sandown Sandton, 2031 South Africa and is known as one of the top 5 private business school, it has an affiliation with the South African Business Schools Association.

It has campuses in South Africa, Mumbai, and Lagos Nigeria. From 1998 170,000 students have been educated and are one of the leading institutions in the world.


Regent Business School, Durban

This private institution offers a wide range of accredited courses and programme, the school is aimed at providing management competencies and skills essential in building a rapid change in the business sector.

Aside from the degree programs, it offers a short learning programme to company’s who wants to improve their employees’ skills.


Rhodes University, Grahamstown South Africa

This is a public research university situated in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, it’s had a well-established academic reputation over the years.

It’s known for producing outstanding graduates in South Africa, it’s known as one of the best schools for business management in South Africa. RU is the best option for quality education in business courses.


Southern Business School, Krugersdorp South Africa

SBS is a private higher education institution that specializes in different fields of the business programme and offers a different qualification in business management, they provide quality education to its student and it also made affordability of education one of its mission.

They are aimed at improving its distance learning and also provide tools to equip their students.


The University of South Africa- Graduate School of Business Leadership

This is a public university situated in Midrand, South Africa which is aimed at providing information resources that covers a wide range in the field of the business, management, finance, and other related disciplines.

Its mission is to emphasize information portability on the researches and study needs that are required by the students.


University of Stellenbosch Business School

USBS is a business school situated in Bellville Western cape town, south Africa that was established in1964.

The school has a belief in excellence and over the years has received 3 international accreditations, they are focused on developing responsible leaders and also aimed at bringing up creative knowledge that contributes and improves better business.


The University of Witwatersrand- Wits Business School (WBS)

WBS is known as a well-reputed school that provides solid, quality, and relevant remarkable business education to its students. The school cares for individuals who have a passionate need to improve and develop their skills in their various respective fields of study. The school provides a quality variety of postgraduate and executive academic programs.


University of Limpopo

The school is aimed at providing quality education of higher branches in various variety of business discipline, it is also focused on providing opportunities to outstanding business graduate to improve and contribute to the south African business economy. It is also known to have an excellent academic reputation.


In conclusion, the school listed above are known for quality education and has over the years being given the best ranking and has received accreditation from high business bodies.

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