Best Agricultural Colleges in South Africa (Universities Included)

As the quality of education in South Africa continues to grow, more students get the chance to discover the benefits of tertiary education.

Agricultural sciences, being one of the top courses in South Africa is very lucrative and has paved the way for success in the country.

There are a lot of fields under agriculture and its specialization, it all depends on your preference of field you wish to study and specialize in.

Agriculture on its own is a broad sector and specializing in it or being a professional in a particular field is of paramount interest and an added advantage to one’s qualification and experience.

To be skilled and experienced in the field of agriculture, you have to go for the best and get the experience required for you to succeed and to achieve these goals and dreams you have to get the quality education on this sector and its various field.

The field of agricultural sciences encompasses a wide range of subjects related to how humans handle and manage natural resources for their advantage.

They include forestry, horticulture, agronomy, dairy science, and science and nutrition.

In achieving these goals and dreams in South Africa, below is a list of best agricultural colleges in South Africa and Some of the best agricultural universities in South Africa that will set you on the right part:


Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute

Grootfontein Agricultural Development Institute

GADI is considered to be one of the best universities to study agriculture in South Africa. It was established in 1911 and commonly referred to as the “Grootfontein College of Agriculture”.

It has a great research history of contributing to the prosperity of livestock farming in the Karoo and other arid regions.

It is situated at Director, GADI, private Bag X529 Middelburg, Eastern Cape, 5900, and also reach them on +27(0) 49 802 6600.

This college institution is known to be one of the oldest and best colleges in South Africa, it has been in existence since 1911 and has a wide range of agricultural degree specializations, it aims at improving and enhancing the history research as an important contribution to the country’s livestock farming.

Its vision and focus are based on the extraordinary training in extension and development in agricultural and small stock production in the country.



University of Cape Town

University of Cape Town

The University of Cape Town provides quality education and creative thought for the education of agriculture. It is the oldest higher institute in South Africa and established in 1829.

The research of this university is of very high quality. To get a top-notch curricular outline, you need to try UCT as it helps you become a professional farmer and they also offer a broad range of courses.

It is located at Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, SA.

This institution is known for top-quality academic excellence when it comes to agricultural practice in South Africa and it is known as the second-best college of agriculture in South Africa, it is said to bring out professionalism in its students in the aspect of farming and agriculture as a whole. It also offers varieties of courses in agricultural sciences.

It’s known to offers an outstanding education and practices in agriculture, if you want to be a professional agriculturist UCT is the best school to go for.


University of Free State (UFS)

University of Free state

UFS is considered to be one of the oldest universities in South Africa. They offer quality education and teaching which have ensured the institution the finest academic institution in Africa.

It is very easy to secure a job when you are being certified from this university because it expands your knowledge through research and practically-orientated development.

The school has its address at 205 Nelson Mandela Drive, Bloemfontein, 9301, South Africa and you can also contact them on +27 51 401 9111.

This college foundation is centered on giving the best and it’s not only aimed at giving the best, but it also ensures that it nurtures its students to be productive, innovative, and highly competitive in the labor market in South Africa’s agricultural sector.

UFS teaching approach is based on an extraordinary level of research importance in the country.



Elsenburg Agriculture Training College

Elsenburg Agriculture Training College

This institution is known for its diversity in rendering quality teaching on livestock farming and proper cultivation of crops, because of this specialty it has an added advantage over every other agriculture college in South Africa.

Its aim promotes agriculture management skills with advanced professionalism in different fields of societal needs and demands.

This college has kept an outstanding record and reputation in the training field of agriculture, it’s vision focuses on the development and the promotion of educational excellence in agriculture and its contribution to the community at large.

They are one of the best agricultural colleges in South Africa because of their major concentration in the proper cultivation of crops.

Also, their diversity in the proper teaching of livestock farming has given them an edge over many South African Agricultural Colleges. It has an address at Muldersvlei Road, Elsenburg and you can reach them on +27 21 808 5111


University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria

This is a multi-research institute situated in Pretoria. It is founded in 1908. Their faculty of Natural and Agricultural Sciences will place you at the front line of science and also aid you to think beyond your normal boundaries.

It helps solve grand challenges and Millennium Development goals as it helps find cures for diseases such as tuberculosis and malaria.

It is situated at Pretoria, South Africa and you can also contact them on +27 12 420 4111

This institution runs a variety of degree programs in agricultural science and it’s aimed at taking agriculture to a higher level based on research, it has different courses specifically in the field of agriculture.

It’s a multi-research college located in Pretoria South Africa.


Cedara Agricultural College

Cedara Agricultural College

Federal Agricultural College is the oldest college of agriculture in South Africa, it is established in 1905 partly by Thomas Robertson Sim.

This College of Agriculture offers a 3-year National Diploma in Agricultural Management where students major in either animal production or crop production by the end of the third year.

They are known for their quality education and also regarded as the best agricultural college to attend in South Africa. It is located at Hilton, 3201, South Africa.

This college runs a 3-year program in diploma which enables students to be skilled in animal production or crop production, it’s known to be the oldest college of agriculture which was established in 1905.

It aims to produce qualified and professional agriculture graduates for the agriculture sector based on effective and excellent academic agricultural training and practices which is of positive contribution to the development of economic growth and social needs.



Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

Fort Cox College of Agriculture and Forestry

This is a relatively small college that specializes only in agriculture and forestry. They produce quality graduates who are very responsive to the challenges facing the forestry industry.

They also have connections with private companies in the industry that provides an opportunity of exposure to current and prospective students to enable them to attain various technical experiences in forest management.

It is located at Cwaru Eastern Cape, Middledrift, 5685

FCC is a college that is focused on the specification of agriculture and forestry, it’s goals is to render the best education in agriculture and forestry training to impact positively in community outreach.

Its values are based on professionalism, innovation, creativity, rural development, and so on.


Stellenbosch University

The quality education offered by Stellenbosch University has made it a renowned University in Africa. The students of this university are nicknamed “Maties”.

It was officially established in 1918. The faculty is held in high esteem because of its training and research.

This institution is known for an excellent result in producing world-class farmers today in the agricultural sector in South Africa.

It’s known for its outstanding reputation in its educational system. It is found in the heart of southern Africa, it’s said to be the great home of learning because of its worthy reputation.

This university is located at Coetzenburg sports campus, Coetzenburg Rd, Stellenbosch, 7600, SA, and can easily be contacted on +27 201 808 9133



Nelson Mandela University

Nelson Mandela University

Named after a great Philanthropist and Political leader, Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela University is one of the best universities in South Africa and Africa, at large.

The students are known to be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for a professional and entrepreneurial career in farming, agri-business, and related fields in the natural resource industries.

It is situated at University Way, Port Elizabeth, 6031, SA and you can also reach them on +27 41 504 3364.

This institutional establishment has made the list of the best college of agriculture because of its dynamic method to agricultural and learning practices, it is known for its reputation and the legacy it has made over the years and the record it has kept.

This college is known as the oldest university founded in the year 1882 in South Africa and still popular up to date because of its outstanding excellence.



University of Fort Hare

University of Fort Hare

UFH is a public university sited in Alice, South Africa. It is known to offer an academic program of strong, social, and ethical relevance.

It was founded in 1916 and has a student enrollment of over 10,000. They are majorly concentrated in the proper cultivation of crops.

The society requires that the farmers should have the proper knowledge of farming. And UFH trains their students to do just that. They are located at Ring Road, Alice, 5700, SA. You can also contact them on +27 40 602 2011

Going for experienced and academic excellence in animal ethics and crop production, this college is the best school to apply, it has a well-defined and arranged curriculum of education combined with agricultural extra-curricular activities and it’s known for its capability and capacity to promote learning efficiency within its environment.

This college of education is known for its remarkable academic excellence and reputation over the years and it is one of the best agricultural colleges in South Africa.


Potchefstroom College of Agriculture

This institution offers a 3-year diploma in agricultural science, it centers on the development of practical and academic training and teaching to meet up the commercial needs, demands in the agricultural sector.

It has been in existence in 1909, it is known for its quality facilities and effective nurturing of aspiring practitioners in the agricultural field.

It aims at ensuring that it’s education is not based on the verbal aspect of the agricultural curriculum alone but based on the practical aspect with emphasis on production and result.

It has different courses in the specification of agriculture as a course.


Glen College of Agriculture

Potchefstroom College of Agriculture

This college is centered on training individuals who will work together in the creative innovation about making effective, efficient, positive, and profitable development of outstanding outcomes and result in the south African agricultural sector.

The college vision is to produce qualified and capable skilled people who will promote and strengthen the rural development of the country and production of food globally and locally.




The school has a world-class teaching and research facilities as well as a research farm located withing 11Kms of the Pietermaritzburg campus.

It has a rich academic tradition in Agricultural Education and learning is delivered by a motivated team of dedicated academic staff, who inspires students and makes them highly employable.

It is located at University Road, Westville Durban, 4000, SA, and their contact number is +27(0) 31 260 2516.


NORTH-WEST University South Africa

NORTH-WEST University SA

The School of Agricultural Sciences in NWU carries out research activities that are supported by quality teaching and research farm hosting various animals.

It is situated at North-West University, Mahikeng campus corner of Albert Luthulu and University Drive, Mmabathon 2745, you can also contact them on +27 18 299 2222.



These are the lists of the best agricultural colleges in South Africa where you can receive a quality education, training, and proper orientation of farming. You can give it a go and enjoy the benefits.

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